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The team behind
The Kingfish Company

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Operations Manager
Kingfish Maine

Tom Sorby
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Head of Sales
The Kingfish Company

Gudo klein Gebbink
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VP of Sales


Lauren Enz
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Head of Marketing

The Kingfish Company

Hope Kitterman
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Head of Quality & Sustainability
The Kingfish Company

Kim Tiebie
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Head of Design and Engineering

The Kingfish Company

Christiaan de Wet
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Head of Production

Kingfish Zeeland

Bram Rohaan
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Head of Hatchery
Kingfish Zeeland

Sander Ruizeveld de Winter
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Business Development Manager
Southern Europe

Martina Sponga
Sarah Holmyard.jpeg

Business Development Manager
Uk & Ireland

Sarah Holmyard

Business Development Manager

Bob van Son
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Technical Manager
Kingfish Zeeland

Huibert Cornelisse

Vincent Erenst


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Jean-Charles Valette


Contact us

A  Oost-Zeedijk 13  

    4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands


T +31 (0) 113 74 54 61 

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